Firewalk Symposium

Tolly Burkan

Tolly is most renowned as the founder of the international firewalking movement. Tolly’s approach to firewalking resulted in a global phenomenon of millions people attending firewalking classes.

Tolly has taught firewalking to many celebrities, including Anthony Robbins. Tolly also demonstrates mind over matter by influencing slot machines in his seminar ”Winning with Love”.

His teaching of turning problems and obstacles into “challenges” are now routinely used by teachers all over the world.

He has authored eight books that are available in 16 languages. His latest book is called ”Be there now” which is a sequel to the famous Self –Empowerment Triology. He has been featured in over 70 books, hundreds of magazines and newspapers, and on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Since 1984, Tolly has regularly appeared on all major television networks.

Tolly lives in the Sierra Mountains of California.

Sessions with Tolly Burkan

October 13, 2017