Firewalk Symposium

Steve Consalvez

Firewalk Master

Master Trainer (FIRE, 2009), The Firewalking Center (2013)

Steve has been involved with running firewalking and empowerment seminars since 1991 and was instrumental in bringing Tony Robbins, the world’s #1 to the UK in 1993.  He became his number 1 closer in Europe, and Steve has worked with or trained with the biggest names in personal development during a history of over 25 years involvement in the personal development industry.

Training first in 1991 with a student of Tolly Burkan and Peggy Dylan, he then ran his own events, then finally in 2006 committed to his first FIT with FIRE and Tolly Burkan, afterwards, training with Charles Horton’s new FIRE.  There, Steve brought a skillset and a passion for standards that was embraced by the new organisation and he became a Master Firewalking Instructor in 2009, training for FIRE for 5 years before committing to training for Tolly prior to his retirement.

In 2010, Steve built The UK Firewalking Academy, a 150 sqm building designed to run his events. He presents to groups of upto 5,000 on Quantum Psychology and Success and he has trained or co-trained nearly 300 Firewalking Instructors in his 11 years of commitment to our industry.

His company, Success Formulae and its firewalking arm at The UK Firewalking Academy run more than 30 firewalking events per year and he has trained celebrities and princes alike.

He says, ‘For years, we have seen our Training Tribe grow and not much has been done to bring it together. This is a great way for us all to meet and create something that stands out as a credit to humanity and a credit to ourselves for overcoming any past issues and showing that we are an authentic and credible group.  I am grateful to The Symposium Team for putting this together and look forward to meeting everyone there that I know and everyone else that I don’t.’

Steve lives in Peterborough, England