Firewalk Symposium

Satya | Rita Rocha

Firewalk Master

Firewalking Instructor in 2011, Master in 2012 (Eight Directions)

Satya is  a lawyer with a degree from Coimbra’s Law University. She was an international surfer and organizer of World Surfing Contest for women for 14 years.

She has been inspired by the indigenous tribes and cultures in Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan…

She is a Vision Quester from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, a Sacred Pipe Carrier and a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper.

Satya has been working with Amazon Shamanism since she met José Campos in 2008 and she has been taking groups to the Amazon jungle yearly since then to study and diet.

Since 2009 she is part of the Council Directors for InJoy Retreats Institution.

Satya co-founded InJoy Corporate, an institution that works with people in the corporate World. InJoy Corporate started the Firewalking Corporate Movement in Portugal, as a way of Self-Knowledgment, turning fear into power.

Satya lives in Ericeria, Portugal

Sessions with Satya | Rita Rocha

October 13, 2017