Firewalk Symposium

Peggy Dylan

Sundoor was founded by Peggy Dylan in 1984. Sundoor has grown to have offices in the USA and in various countries in Europé. Hundreds of thousands of people have been powerfully impacted by Peggy’s unique and dramatic techniques for transformation.

Through Sundoor she and her Sundoor Masters and Sundoor Trainers offer a diverse array of seminars to enhance the experience and expression of living, including firewalking. She has shared the stage with such New Age luminaries as Deepak Chopra, but is also well-known in the corporate field where she frequently teaches at high-stake companies, including American Express and Microsoft.

Today SUNDOOR is a leading school for firewalking and spiritual leadership. Featured on CNN, international television broadcasts in the U.S. and Europe and in numerous publications internationally, Peggy Dylan travels the globe.

At sixteen she was recognized as a future spiritual teacher and was taught through an intensive apprenticeship with Sadguru Keshavadas, an Indian saint and mystic. Peggy’s work embodies what Saints and Masters have taught for thousands of years – happiness and success come through our alignment with Spirit.

Sessions with Peggy Dylan

October 12, 2017