Firewalk Symposium

John Maisel

Firewalk Master

Firewalking Instructor since 1989, Certified NSA Speaker, FIRE Master 1995

During the beginning of Hawk’s career he served as an assistant to both Tolly Burkan and Peggy Dylan. He has trained and certified Firewalking Instructors associated with the Tony Robbins organization from Indonesia and China. John also trained and certified Charles Horton as a Firewalking Instructor. With partners Rolf and Asa Beckman they trained and certified Master Instructors in Costa Rica.

John has served the CBS, ABC, and PBS American Television Networks also the Survivor and MTV Television Programs with firewalking expertise. He facilitated the REMAX Firewalk that was televised worldwide. He has presented indoor Firewalks for television programs and even a Firewalk on the roof of a hotel in Cancun, Mexico. He helped facilitate as Geraldo Rivera was taught to walk on fire before a 19 million-viewer television audience.

He is a dedicated and tireless volunteer for countless public service projects involving drug prevention in youth, protection of law enforcement families, eco tourism and a founding member of his Rotary Club in 1976.

He is known for his keen ability to transform challenging situations into opportunities for growth. John teaches the concept of aligning oneself with the Elemental of Fire, Nature, and Unseen Forces in order to help seminar participants find the inner balance of their Divine Self.

John lives in Friendswood, Texas and in Orosi, Costa Rica.

Sessions with John Maisel

October 12, 2017

October 13, 2017