Firewalk Symposium

Jiří Vokiel Čmolík

Firewalk Master

Firewalking Instructor in 2010, Firewalking Master in 2012

Jiří is an internationally acclaimed speaker who combines the principles of neurosciences and the practical level of our lives in his work. He is the cofounder of the INNER WINNER Institute, co-author of the NEURO Restart system, author of transformational literature and online programs and a member of the Neuro Leadership Institute.

He is a member of ATL, The Association of Transformational Leaders, founded by Jack Canfield. ATL brings together European transformational teachers who genuinely help millions of people on the path of their personal development.

Among his books is bestseller “Blockbuster”

Sessions with Jiří Vokiel Čmolík

October 12, 2017